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December 20, 1948: Happy 73rd birthday to Alan Parsons.

In our days, within the industry of emotions, the name Alan Parsons has many meanings, all of them of great value and great respect, we can see him as a musician, sound engineer, producer, composer and also as a character who has been concerned about transmitting his knowledge as he constantly develops clinics and training sessions around the world and what is a fact is that in all its facets is a highly brilliant professional.

Born into a family with a history of success in different roles in entertainment, he inherited a taste for music and as a child learned to play the piano, flute and guitar, at the age of 19 he arrived at Abbey Road Studios where he made it clear that sound engineering was perhaps his greatest passion. At Abbey Road he participated as an assistant on the last two albums of The Beatles, shortly after he went on tour with Paul McCartney and also with The Hollies, soon after he returned to the London studio to make the recording of the legendary The Dark Side of the Moon the Pink Floyd with which he earned the respect and attention of the world.

By 1975, his participation in Let It Be and The Dark Side of the Moon had already impacted the world, however Parsons' talent had other objectives to fulfill, this led him to form his own musical group and with the concept "The Alan Parsons Project" in complicity with Eric Woolfson managed to transcend defining a musical style with its own stamp based on progressive rock from which 10 albums were released with sales of more than 55 million copies worldwide.

Alan's career is strongly related to world icons such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Al Stewart, Paul McCartney and the Wings, The Hollies among others, but many of his followers value mainly his compositions embodied in The Alan Parsons Project, with this collection he is placed as a contemporary outlier.

Finally, we have to say that when we mention Abbey Road Studios, we necessarily have to mention Alan Parsons either because of his participation in multiple productions of great bands, but also because it was there where he recorded much of his music as the Pyramid album of 1978 and Eye in the Sky of 1982.

Maybe you didn't know...

Alan's hobby is magic, he is a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood California, this is where the album The Secret was born released on April 26, 2019, 15 years after the release of the last solo work, it is worth listening to.

Happy Birthday Alan Parsons

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