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What will be in our next days?

Today we are all rethinking the future, we are all thinking about whether what I am doing is the right thing to do and whether the activity or profession I have chosen is the one I want to continue doing.

This situation is actually not new and I will try to explain my idea...

The Audiovisual and Technology Integration Industry (AV+SI) is an ecosystem of creative people that based on hard work has found a very worthy profession that is even envied by those who see this as a great party, I say this mainly because in the minds of the people around us does not fit everything that is behind a majestic event, a corporate event, a political or religious event or simply behind a night of work in a nightclub, I also say this because in the minds of the people who become users of the benefits of technological equipment in convergence with our mobile device either in a boardroom or in our homes everything is to enjoy and this is the common denominator of the people who work every day in the Audiovisual Industries and Technology Integration, everyone sees them with eyes of fun.

The goal of technology in this medium is a total commitment to the welfare and live a wow experience at every moment, since the lights are turned off to start a show or since we turn on the coffee pot with our voice, the goal is the same and it is worth saying that both are very serious things with high security details that often do not dimension. There are many fatalistic examples that I could cite to illustrate how serious this is, however I believe that in your mind pass ideas of what it means an assembly of audio, video and lighting for a mass event or what it means the wiring and evacuation signals in a building or in your own home.

This type of work and activities have been done for many years within an industry that is relatively new, many technologies and products have emerged in a few years and for obvious reasons people working in this environment have been made in the day to day trapped by the tremendous taste of manipulating equipment that together manage to interact with wonderful creative dyes, but let's not lose the horizon, many of us were made in the field, captured by this magic and now in the midst of global uncertainty that is not unique to this industry we fill our heads with questions where we want to find the answer from the hand of a divine light that shows us the way and now more than ever categorically I convey my feelings and thoughts.

We are in the midst of a great industry whose challenge is now more than ever to maintain our health and for this we must strengthen our education, so that in such difficult times as the one we are living, it will give us the basis to move forward in a better way and not only that, education in combination with experience will give us the basis so that as our energy is less for natural reasons of our advancing age and we no longer manage to be on top of the stage or in the bowels of a building we can continue to be productive in places suitable for our time.

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